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Jewellery store in La Rochelle

Unique hand-crafted jewellery 

Your artisan jeweller in La Rochelle

Are you looking for a piece of jewellery unlike any other? You have come to the right place. For more than 25 years, I have handcrafted original pieces inspired as much by traditional jewellery as by the latest modern techniques. This allows me to address a wide range of requests. If you have a piece of jewellery in mind and would like your idea to take shape, here's how I usually proceed: you tell me what you want, I show you photos and make a sketch to help you visualize the jewellery better. I then make a model and will begin crafting your jewellery only when you are satisfied.

During my career, I have met the demands of both French and international clients. After my apprenticeship, I left France to live in Asia for a few years. First in Vietnam, then in China. After working with Chinese and Vietnamese craftsmen, I developed new techniques such as chasing and embossing. It’s in Beijing where I spent the most of my time abroad. It allowed me to open my first shop, to train apprentices and to teach at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. After 15 years of expatriation, I came back to France and opened a workshop here, in La Rochelle. 

When I create handmade jewellery, I particularly enjoy playing with contrasts, such as placing ebony next to emerald. I also like to use iron and titanium, two materials that are rarely found in traditional jewellery. All production techniques are either learned or inherited, never improvised. It’s only after I own and intimately understand each and every technique that I can use them to express new ideas. I will be very happy to listen to your own ideas and to use my skills to make them come to light. The piece of jewellery you had in mind for years could be soon around your neck or your finger. Feel free to check the blog page as an additional source of inspiration. Or you might find what you are looking for among the pieces already on display in my workshop. You are most welcome to make any request for jewellery here at rue de la Muse! 

Amulet made for an Asus commercial


Contact information

80 bis rue de la Muse


0033 5 46 31 23 47

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